Election Results 2019 Date: Counting will be done with EVM as well as postal ballot.

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Election Commission of India for the formation of 17th Lok Sabha in seven
Finish the stages. Voting for 542 seats of the whole country for one and a half months ended on May 19
come. The fourth day after the election is over, the results will be on 23rd May. May 9 morning before 9pm
Zahan will come. The Eagles and poles of ball ballet will be together. However, the final answer
There will be a slight delay. The reason is that this time, according to the concurrent quotation, the VVPAT of all the five booths of the Legislative Assembly is also to be met.
In the meanwhile, the Election Commission, on Tuesday, by 22 members of the opposition, handed over teaching and counting by EVM
Have asked to match the pitches of the first VVPAT. It is alleged that with EVM on Ulher
Getting tampered with. However, their demand was rejected.
This time elections have many such seats in the country, where people have the right to live. This man
Seat Varanasi, seat of Congress A Ral Gandhi, Amethi and Wayanad, Patna Sahib seat of Bihar from where
The Congress is in the midst of a fight between Shashi and Kayani Mandir Rishishankar Saad. Along with this Begusarai seat
But even everyone has the right to know. The reason is that from here onwards,
Kiya Kumar, who is facing the charge, is on the other hand BJP leader Giriraj Singh. Of Gujarat
Gandhinagar seat from which Amit Shah has come for the first time in the Lok Sabha elections

According to the Election Commission, this time the total turnout in 542 seats was 67.11 percent. This is 1.16 percent more than the previous 2014 elections. If, in the last elections, 45.67 percent in 1951, 47.74 percent in 1957, 55.42 percent in 1962, 61.33 percent in 1967, 55.29 percent in 1971, 60.49 percent in 1977, 56.92 percent in 1980, 64.01 percent in 1984-85, In 1989, 61.95 percent voting was done in 1991-92, 55.88 percent in 1996, 57.94 percent in 1996, 61.97 percent in 1998, 59.99 percent in 1999, 57.98 percent in 2004 and 58.19 percent in 2009.

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